Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

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1 hour ago, old-tank said:


No Buick today, but terrorized the neighborhood with a nailhead in a 51 Ford

Nice truck. My friend has a nailhead in a 50 shoebox Ford. He calls it Buford.

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4 minutes ago, avgwarhawk said:

Nice truck. My friend has a nailhead in a 50 shoebox Ford. He calls it Buford.

Some friends call it Buford too and some of them call it holy s*** after a ride.😂😂😂

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Had an awesome event last night with the Ohio Region CCCA: a drive-in movie! Hosted at a member's house with a big yard, they put up an inflatable screen and a HD projector to show "The Sting," which is full of great old cars: villain Robert Shaw gets chauffeured around in a lovely '35 Pierce-Arrow club sedan and the "Feds" drive a pair of late-20s Buick 7-passenger touring cars. There were a handful of old cars in the field and a bunch of modern cars, which is always a bummer but I guess everyone is getting old and the weather looked like it might rain. Still a nice night and a pleasant 1-hour drive each way in the Limited, which seems to be in excellent health following the big drive to Canada last week. I always enjoy driving that car at night, particularly now that the gauge lights are nice and bright. Yeah, it rained on the way home at 11 PM but the big limo doesn't care. Even the heater put out some just right heat for  the cool night.


1979957135_2019-08-3120_10_18a.thumb.jpg.3ebf51c8f59a6f352c1a76e087e2f959.jpg 1544974955_2019-08-3120_08_52a.thumb.jpg.3e069632a56fdd91ea8e56854aec07c4.jpg
Cars lining up for the show. You can see my Limited on the far right side of the field. 1938 BMW 328 right in front.


Attractive 1926 Studebaker roadster



Extremely nice 1926 Buick Master 7P sedan


Bob Brown's 1941 Cadillac 60S, which wins the "most miles
driven" award every year because he drives it back and forth

to Florida each season. Talk about a fast, reliable car!


Dave Heinrichs arrives in his 1916 Cadillac touring




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@Matt Harwood  That is such a great idea Matt!  Looks like a great time. 


Meanwhile, just got back from a 720 mile trip in the 72 Electra, a.k.a. the Queen!  Had three nice days for a drive, passing through @60FlatTop (Bernie's) neck of NYS.  Ran the AC most of the time and drove friends to Fort Niagara one day besides.  Averaged 14.2 mpg on 89 octane Ethanol blended fuel.  The Queen loves to run!  





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Matt, Sounds like a cool event. My wife and I took my 41 Roadmaster Phaeton top down to the beach. Perfect day, perfect ride.


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We took my '73 Stage1 Sun Coupe to the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival Sunday in the Park Concours. My grandson had a great time and joined a group of Judges, some of them friends of mine. The Chief judge for the event made him a judge and he had a great time, learned a lot and even had lunch at the judges luncheon. Start them young! The mostly original Sun Coupe surprised me and won a blue ribbon and trophy for Best in Class. It was a well attended show with amazing cars. Even a few Ferraris from Ralph Laurens collection. We drove around 120+ miles roundtrip. The weather was perfect. Radnor Hunt Concours is next Sunday with the Harvest Gold '73 4 speed. The featured class is Buick: "The designs of Bill Mitchell", will have a lot of friends from the BCA and GSCA in the class. Should be a great time, win or lose, it is an honor to be invited.




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15 hours ago, old-tank said:

Some friends call it Buford too and some of them call it holy s*** after a ride.😂😂😂


Me being one of them.. It pushes you back in the seat and just wants to go.

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17 hours ago, old-tank said:


No Buick today, but terrorized the neighborhood with a nailhead in a 51 Ford


Willie doesn’t always drive his Buford, but when he does all his neighbors know it.  

From experience, Me thinks a better name would be Whiplash 

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Just to add a little detail to this past weekends activities, it started in the town of:





Last year @Jstbcausd93 went to this event and he had a great time.  So he talked me into going this year.  Along the way good friends Bill and Molly decided to try it out too.  So we all booked rooms at the 




And arrived Thursday for reasons I'll explain a bit later.  Since we were there a day early we decided to take a ride to the northwestern corner of NY for a chance to tour the Old Fort Niagara on Friday.  The weather was terrific. Clear sunny skies each day.  But Friday was a bit warmer,  with temps in the high  70's!  And a strong lake breeze that was so refreshing! So off we went, stopping at the show site first to scope out a parking spot.  Here are a few pictures of the show site as of Friday:






If you look just above that old jetty you can see Toronto across the lake.







What is seen below is the high water situation.  Due to excessive water in the lake the beach in this area is almost totally covered and the beach has been closed all summer as a result.  



This is bound to be big trouble this winter. 

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Then we drove on to the Fort.  And while the fort is still the same, the site has been significantly remodeled since.  

There is a visitors center now with some interesting things!



Scale model of the fort layout




Early American Flag.  Notice, 15 stars. 




But look at the scale of this ( ps: the signage says part of it is missing.  Alltogether it should be 30 ft long)




Lost a lot of shots but here is some history if you care to view it














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The fort itself was in disarray and was run down when the historical society began to refurbish it in 1926.  The work that was done over the years is astonishing!  


View from the Information Center



main entrance with draw bridge




one half of the Draw bridge mechanicals 




South tower



View from inside the Fort



South artilleries fortification. 



Our friends in Canada!



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Cannon ball furnace.  Used to heat cannon balls to red hot status before shooting at the target.




Fortifying the mouth of the Niagara River.  Not too sure the authenticity of the no climbing symbol though.







There's that Toronto again! 




2019 8 30 Ft Niagara0051.JPG

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The North Tower.  The tower is three stories tall.  I assume infantry men slept on this level




Naturally the stairs are steep and the headroom clearance is short.  Guess how I know that as a fact!




The 2nd floor was obviously the mess hall and those lucky enough to bunk here at least had some source of warmth.






With ports for the smaller firearms.




The third floor was for the action.  




The breeze up here was stiff!  I cannot imagine how uncomfortable this would have been in the dead of winter! 




View of the Queen, waiting patiently,  from the North Tower!






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Bronze replacement cross from 1925




Blacksmith working the kiln




We caught the flag lowering ceremony at 4 pm.  You could hear that drummer like he was standing next to you.








We also caught a musket shooting demonstration and then a few idyllic moments too









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Then Saturday we were up EARLY!   Plans were to leave the hotel at 7 am for the 12 mile drive to the show site.  The show field opens at 8 am, and with no designated parking, you need to get there early to find a spot, especially for groups. It was nice to see the sunrise!




When we arrived we found the road into town packed with parked cars.  Here was our view from two cars out of the intersection:




This nice Pontiac Parisean Wagon was the last car to squeeze into the line going through town. 



Shortly after we arrived the road behind us looked like this:




And the road we drove up to the site looked like this




And apparently this was all considered normal.

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To give you an idea how this is set up, see the picture below:



The red line shows our approach and position when  we hit the main road.  
The blue line represents the track to get into the show site. 

The yellow line represents the backup shown on the real time traffic alerts app while we were waiting

The grey line represents the line through the town and where they all merged. 

I do not know how far the back up was on W Lake Road.


And despite all this congestion, we were on the show field within a half hour after it opened.  Of course some others were not as lucky


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Same tree!



That's a few years ago.

The park is used on Memorial Day and Labor Day for the car shows.

Regular cruise night are every Saturday on Main St. in between.



That's 50 miles from me. The regular cruise nights have become a little light in recent years, but the big shows are BIG.


That whole park is light silty dirt. Even people walking have a cloud around them. Got some cleaning to do on the car doncha.


I had my own kind on car show today.



Oh, I shouldn't say this..... the lake level is important to the amount of hydro power produced on the Seaway. They aren't broadcasting much about that.  It is kind of a Kinzua Dam story on a larger scale. "WE" are the new indigenous.

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Inspired by a photo in another thread, I set out to snap a few photos of my car in front of the same train station. Beautiful day here and the Electra is running very well. I had the transmission rebuilt a few weeks ago and am trying to put it through its paces to make sure all is well. Have noticed an intermittent bog or slipping in first gear when pulling away from a dead stop but can’t replicate it for the shop... they’ll have to track it down. 


I broke my foot quite badly in July and am not supposed to put weight on it, which makes it a bit difficult to get the old cars out, but luckily it was my left foot, so the go pedal can still be activated. 


If you look into the background of the first photo you can see a red Studebaker Lark Daytona, some 80’s cars and an old GM bus. They are getting ready to shoot a TV show or movie I guess. 




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We took a drive out to one of our favorite Biker Bar restaurants.  We like checking out the bikes and they like looking to the Electra.  Anyway its about 50 miles out there and takes about an hour and a half over windy twisty roads. A good arm workout.


Coming home we took a slightly longer return trip along the North Fork of the Guadalupe river.  12 crossings and beauty on every one of them.   I have made this trip before and have had to drive through the river but it was dry today.  All told 150 miles and 3/4 tank of gas.


Below are a couple of pictures from the trip.




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128746981_2019831Olcottshow0020.thumb.JPG.2429d11d601e69fcbfa8e27717e0d2ca.JPGHere are a few of the cars from the show.  We counted 40 Buicks.  But I did not take pictures of all 6 identical black ones.






I liked this one cause of the red steering wheel.  Can't say I've seen that before




Always liked Corvairs




This one was odd because 



as you can see it is an A/C car



And it is a Stick Shift car.  The crazy thing though is it was a 3 on the tree car according to the owner.  But he always wanted a 4 speed car so he changed the steering column and threw in a 4 speed  and then he sold the three speed column to somebody who wanted it for wall art! 




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Ever since South Bend and the Studebaker Museum I have a much better appreciation for the marque





Look how the trim hugs that curve!  



Half frame vent windows and the wrap around rear glass!  Pretty neat stuff!



And I am also finding some 60's Fords to be of interest too




And here was one of two present today, although I think this one was a clone



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And who can resist a 409 4 speed Impala SS?








Those lucky Chevy guys! 


Meanwhile here was last years "Best of Show".




Which is very nice although it is only a half Buick now






Oh well!

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Some of you know Ron DeGroff's car:  








Ron did take home one of the two hundred Sponsor awards.  

Then there was this nice Cuda



And another cute Ford





2019 8 31 Olcott show0046.JPG

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