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1989 TC Maserati 16v DOHC for sale

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Hello all-

I have an 89 TC by Maserati for sale in South Florida. This is one of the (approx) 500 made with the DOHC engine and 5spd Getrag transmission.

It is for the most part complete, however I am selling it as a "parts car". Asking price is $3,300 as it sits, or $1,500 without powertrain. (Powertrain is currently still in the car, but I'll be happy to remove it if someone is just wanting a good clean shell). In terms of shipping: The car is located in an area where it can be easily picked up by an 18wheeler. It rolls but does not run.

It is Royal Cabernet exterior, Bordeaux interior, and tan top. If you reply to this post I won't see it as I am very rarely on this site. If you are interested in the car I can be reached at: rick@rdiperformance.com

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Thanks Chris! Yeah, I figured it's time to let at least one of them go. I actually have 3 parts cars I'd sell right now. One is a 90 Black, Ginger, Tan top. One is an 89 Royal Cabernet, Ginger, Black top, and then the one listed above. I believe all three of them are Common Block cars with the improved/beefier main webbing. It looks like I may have to part them rather than sell them whole. Just not enough folks out there who know what these cars are (yet). Nonetheless, I figured I'd post them here first and give others a chance to own a 16v (at a great price) that they can either restore if they wish or use for parts (for their "other" 16v car).

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Just to add to this thread--the 1990 Black/ginger that rick owns is the ONLY black/ginger 16v made with California emissions. That's right folks---a ONE of ONE. It was a one owner car sold in central Florida to a lawyer, who when it blew the head gasket abandoned the car at a repair shop.

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