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Vacuum Advance Part # for '41

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The original part number for the 1937-1946 Delco distributor vacuum control was 681-H according to my Masters Parts List for Buick in 1947. I doubt you will find many with that number as it has been superseded a few times since. In my 1957 Master Chassis book it lists under group 2.410 part number 1116065 as fitting all 1937-1952. That should make it fairly common and easy to come by. In doing a little research I discovered there was at least one other part number used in between the 681-h and 1116065 and that was 1116046. If with the addition of these numbers you can't find one, PM me and I might have one in the basement.


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Terrill Machine in Deleon TX did mine (from the LaSalle) and they did it well. They will be doing my fuel pump next week when I get it out of the Buick. They do not have a website, so google for their phone number.


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Masters Parts List for Buick 1928-1952 lists

2.410 1116046 for 1937-51 & for some 1952 engine numbers

2.410 1116065 for 1952 after some numbers

Masters Parts List for Buick 1928-1941 page 321 has a good drawing and parts list on the distributor

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