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1991 Red TC need parts

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Hey guys and gals needing some part assistance for 1991 TC, pull down motor housing is cracked and need one or housing part to repair thanks

Part is also available super cheap, give or take $5 at U pull yards, GM used two styles for trunk pull down for 20+ years and this is one of them. These can be found on the luxury cars. Some time last year I posted Cad models and years, off the top of my head I honestly don't remember the model names.

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thanks for the help most appreciated new to these cars picked one up less than junk price had not been started for a year and a half as you know was pleasantly surprised has original miles 66.000 3.0 Chrysler Mitsubishi run and drives great thanks again

superwrench 1959

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Pull down now pulls in, but won't release checked for power in all the nescessary places found relays working, the switch module on the motor is not sending power to the motor to reverse directions is it also part store part or dealer item only ?

Radio Shack, it won't look the same and you will have to bend and drill the mounting bracket to fit. Switch is not a parts store item and is only sold as part of the assembly.

First try drilling small hole in plastic case near switch contacts and unless you have access to the really good electrical contact cleaner squirt in some some break cleaner. After you squirt it in and let it sit for a bit shake out as much of the stuff as you can.

This is a one time shot, drill to deep and you cut the switch killing it forever, if the contact pad is burned off cleaner won't help, but if it's just to dirty to make contact this should get you working.

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