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1921 Hudson Super Six Speedster Phaeton. Very attractive close-coupled Fisher body with dual rear spares. Thorough engine rebuild $6K+ by Goyette Restoration of Bennington, VT. Goes like a train. Older repaint and new Haartz cloth top. Believed originally used as a San Francisco police car prior to acquisition by 20th Century Fox Studios. Subsequently acquired by Harrah's then to noted Hudson collector Bill Nichols of Orinda, CA. It is the only known Hudson of this era with air shocks. A Locomobile Sportif for a fraction of the price! $31,500 OBO. Located in Connecticut. Contact eric@pixacar.com











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The "speedster" designation was used by Hudson to describe some tourings in their line up of cars, it can be found in period advertising.

We've grown so used to that term being used to describe a two seat runabout that it's hard to call a touring a speedster, but in this case the terminology is correct.

This is actually a very nice car, and the Hudson's were known for dependability and drive-ability......

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Hudson touring cars came in two sizes during this period. The speedster was a four passenger car while the phaeton was a seven passenger affair with jump seats. Nice car in the OP. The super six Hudsons make a wonderful tour car.

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If any one is interrested in Hudson tid-bits, The term " Speedster" came in and out of Hudson history. In the early years the term was used as we all think of, a Speedster.

That term was dropped by Hudson in 1917. All open cars made by Hudson were called Phaeton's, 4 seats or 7 untill 1923. Thats when we see the term Speedster come in to the Hudson marketing world by Hudson.

The beautifull car we have for sale on this post was sold as a Phaeton. For those that are interrested ,this car is a first series 1921. The last for gate H gear box, This is the last series the gas pedal was in the center of the pedals, and the last time for no splash aprons in front of the radiator. The second series had a make over. A compleat dash board change, fenders as well, A heat tube cross over on the carb/ manifold, And afew more changes.

A question..... what was the first car to be called a pheaton?

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I see this is an old "for sale" listing. However, I knew Bill Nichols fairly well from a couple different clubs we belonged to. He toured that car a lot! And it always performed very well. I enjoyed following it in my Studebaker for many many miles. Seeing this listing again is like seeing an old friend.

Whoever has this car today? I hope they realize what a wonderful car they have.

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