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I just cleaned out a drawer and I have several Franklin owners books. Conditions vary from Excellent unused to rough good for garage use only. Models include Series 13-130, Series 13- 135 /137,Series 14 145/147, Series 15 151/153. Series 16 A/B Brand new running board sets made from original pattern. Complete with correct gussets for strength per originals .Not drilled for strips.$ 300.00 set plus shipping, springs, steering box with wheel, rear fenders . Original Franklin stock certificate, Oct 20th,1921 Signed "John Wilkinson ,Vise President" and ?.A. Barton - Treasurer . Condition and color is excellent EXCEPT slight damage on left margin that would be hidden if framed. $100.00 plus $5.00 shipping. 1930 series 145 doors, fenders, gas tank, splash aprons, front license plate bar, dome light luggage rack, hubcaps (snap 0n), shocks ,headlights complete and components, 147 frame (bare), 1932 Hood with vent doors, series 9 crank case, cam, clutch. 1933 Series 16B venturi (new with hole for vent)$50.00,oil pans, cranks, complete motors, clutches ,pressure plates, transmissions, free wheel units, wheel cylinders,bumpers, smoke vanity's , hand cranks,bumpers. Call Mike at 585 738 1541 email mawest729@gmail.com Fast shipping/fair prices/ will trade. Thank you and God bless our troops.

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