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Updating infotainment system


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Occasionally I find something that appeals to me & tend to install in volume. When I bought the 'vert, CDs were it and though I replaced it (no easy job), it only worked occasionally and when the day was warm. Sometimes had to insert several times before it would take. Only have a half dozen or so cassettes so do not even know if that works.

Meanwhile I had gotten used to the hands free phone, Bluetooth, and aux input of my tow car. Being accustomed to the diagnostic ability of my Reattas, I had added that already.

Crossfire was first. It is IMHO a better Fiero and serves the same purpose however the electronics were hand me downs. Despite being an '07 it had no aux input. KOD.

On recommendation from the XF forum I bought a Clarion M303 which had everything and matched the chromeish console. That worked well and to avoid the "too many buttons" syndrome I selected a CZ-702 for the Reatta which has a black face and the dial colors could be set to match the greenish of the Reatta (code 4). It has the same dial layout as the M303.

Everything works just fine but there is an issue: the unit is too long to fit the '90 Reatta dash properly.


Clarion on left, Delco on right.

Clarion faceplate is removed.

Now I figure that by cutting out the plastic area in the rear of the radio/HVAC compartment it will have enough clearance to seat fully.


Has anyone done this before ? Any issues ?

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I had to do some judicious trimming of the plastic support structure at the rear of the radio opening on my 91 coupe when I installed an Alpine CDA-7894 CD headunit. I managed to minimize the loss of material by cutting away only the portion that interfered with the main harness connector on the rear corner of the head unit. That unit also has a metal enclosure that hangs off a short cord. This is a DC to DC converter to supply the high output amp. I had to snake that down behind the storage cubby into the dead space by the two lamp flashers (between the two fuse blocks) as there was no place else for it to fit.

Been long enough ago that I can't remember if I used a fender washer to reinforce the remaining portion of the support (think there was one screw in there that went into the sheetmetal) but that may be the Cadillac I'm thinking of as I had to do similar hacking to fit a new Pioneer double din nav unit.

I will add that the build in kit I used (Metra 99-4000) helped also as it mounted the head unit such that it protruded forward about 1/4" past the face of the dash trim bezel. Even still it was a very tight fit with no depth to spare.


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I have to do this and can post pics if that would be helpful. There is one screw off to the lower right in my 91 but the majority of what's blocking my harness is in the lower left side. The unit I have is much deeper than the stock radio but the Metra kits KDirk mentions presents a very usable solution that should look very good when complete. Best solution would be to mount a iPad mini or other tablet and link that to a receiver mounted in the console below. There's plenty of unused space behind the cubby (where the CD player was) in my 91.

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Cut out the section I indicated and everything fits nicely. What you cannot see in the picture is that the head unit illumination is a perfect color match to the dash (why I bought the 702).


All I really wanted was an amp, BT, HFP, and an aux jack since I carry 12GB (about 5,000 titles) of music on my phone. The Clarion is that plus multiband tuner and CD and the whole rig (GM amp and antenna adapters, Clarion, Metra, etc) was less than most charge to rebuild my CD player. Now the question is whether it will last my lifetime. Do have a lot of volume, 26 of 40 is plenty for the hearing impaired. Maybe now I'll get around to replacing the speakers.

So now three of my cars have modern equipment, if I wind up keeping the Vixen it will get one also.

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For those who asked, I bought everything from Amazon:

Metra 70-1858 Radio Wiring Harness For GM 88-05 Harness

Metra 99-4000 Dash Kit For GM 82-04/Isuzu 98-01 with Pocket

Metra 40-GM10 GM Antenna Adapter

Clarion CZ702 Vehicle CD Digital Music Player Receiver

Total U$172 (varies daily). If do not care about colors can use the Clarion CZ-302 for about U$50 less. All have many extra connections for things like amps, Sirius, and HD radio. The 702 came with a wireless remote.

Note, there are a lot of receivers out there but these are high power (45wX4) and have Bluetooth CD/USB/MP3/WMA. BT and a built in microphone for HFP

being the harder to find. I just wanted a head unit, nothing more, no motorized display panels (have tablets that can move), and that is what I have.

ps anyone have a "no CD" cubby ?

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