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What color is the fuse box cover painted? is it body color to match the firewall or black?

Are there new door sills available? If not are they polished or left aa dull sand blast?

The car is a 163 sedan

Also the brake fluid tank is blackout what is the bracket and does anyone have the sticker that goes on the can?


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Dick The fuse box cover is black as well the brake fluid can and bracket. The new sticker is sold by the Franklin club. New doorsill plates can be ordered from DOOR SILLS in NJ I think. They are beautiful reproductions ,Just perfect in my opinion.

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The one I have are OK and they have the Franklin logo in the middle of them. they need a lot of something to make them look new. Should they be polished to shinny? blasted satin or brushed to a grain finish. Do the new ones have the logo?

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