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1941 Oldsmobile Wagon


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Not wishing to cross post; however, I just realized that there is a forum for the National Woodie Club... Nevertheless, the link to my original post is below and I copied my post to save you a click.


I have a 41 Oldsmobile Woodie Wagon, which is largely original. I purchased the vehicle about eight (8) years ago from a family going through a rough spot in life. The patriarch of the family had changed the factory inline-six, for a late 70's, early 80's Oldsmobile 455. My understanding is that the choice to change the engine, was largely due to the lack of resources at the time (lack of the internet, or knowing where to find parts). Nevertheless, I'm not sure what the present value of the vehicle actually is, as I haven't seen another 41 recently sell, nor do I know how many 41's exist.

Can anyone assist in the assessment of pricing, or point me in the proper direction - website, publication, or otherwise?. Excluding the engine, the vehicle is largely original - wood, interior...

I do have the original inline-six, as well as any part that was initially taken off the vehicle. Furthermore, the car does run and drive; although, it has been a while. It presently resides in climate controlled garage.

Any thoughts, or questions - let me know and thanks in advance!


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