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Zephyr transmission gearsets

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I have my '38 Zephyr transmission and rear end in a local restoration shop for Jim Durall to repair, bullet proof, and rebuild. The original gear set was trashed due to water in tranny. The owner of the shop told me the gear set was a Ford unit and not Zephyr as I thought. He said that the so called Zephyr gear set didn't appear until the 1940 model. Can you confirm this? If that is true he has everything I need for the tranny in his shop and Durall has almost everything else for the Columbia. Thanks

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Boy, I don't know who the heck worked on this car in the past but I do know he didn't have a clue! The axle housings to the rear rear end had no gaskets, just blue RTV. Therefor the pinion gear couldn't be set correctly. The play was a tad much to say the least. The actuator arm from the vacuum canister was the one piece type so the speedometer gear on the axle was left off ( you can't get the housing off with the one piece actuator arm and gear on the drive shaft). Luckily Jim had a two piece actuator arm laying around.

The spring shackle studs are shot and I can't seem to be able to source them. They are 1-1/8" O.D. And 4-1/4" overall length. The Ford service manual says "starting with the 1937 production the Zephyr adopted the larger size stud used on the truck front spring". Anybody know where I can source the correct shackle studs for both the spring and axle housing? Thanks.

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