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Blend's book on 1934 Packard Twelves

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If you absolutely can't find a copy I could copy mine for you. It's not that big a book, actually a paperback. Ed was quite a guy. His "book" was actually written as a dissertation for a grad school degree. Been years since I've seen mine but I know I have it.

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Dear Packard 12 Friends,


I share the passion for Packard 12´s and reprinted the book from Edward Blend 

“The Magnificent Packard Twelve of 1934”.

The reprint is a hardbound and features the Packard advertisements in colour. 


You can find the book at http://www.packard-reprints.com/1934/The-Magnificent-Packard-Twelve-of-nineteen-thirty-four

Description and many pictures are provided.


If you are interested in receiving a copy, you can pay by paypal. It is USD 195 for the book + USD 20 for shipping.

You can contact me at sales(at)packard-reprints.com 


Best Regards

Packard Reprints


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