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Book about truck engines-Diesel and Gas-1935-41

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Some of those Dodge Diesel pages are also in some of the little Thompson "manuals" (using the word loosely):

Thompson Vol HD-9--Stock Truck and Ind'l Engines, Diesel (1939-48 on cover) 5 pgs, mostly illus on WKD/WLD; 4 pgs mostly illus on VKD/VLD:4 pgs, mostly illus, on TLD/TKD...

Thompson (no Vol #) "Trucks, Buses, Tractors, Diesel Engines, etc" (1941-50 on cover): 5 pgs on WKD/WLD (probably same pages as in the above)...

These little Thompsons give mainly basic specs and some repair info, but're not really comprehensive repair manuals.

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