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Drum and Spindle

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Hey Everyone, I'm hoping to get some help on this one. I got a 1923 Ford T-bucket that someone put what appears to be some classic Dodge Plymouth Chrysler front drum brakes on (probably from the 1937-40s). The brakes are ruined and I'm using this as an opportunity to convert to disc brake. Problem is that I'm not really positive on the drum and spindle. Anyone got any thoughts? Attached pictures of drum and spindle.post-99811-143142436499_thumb.jpg




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I would call them, if they don't have a compatible spindle they may be able to send you in the right direction.

I was thinking that you said you have a Ford axle. If you don't know what axle you have maybe you should replace that as well.

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I really doubt you will find anything that is compatible with the Dodge spindles and axle

A 32 ford axle will be very close to the dodge and you can get lots of parts for it.

I have a 32 ford under my '29Dodge just for that reason

I doubt anyone but a hardcore Dodge Bros fan, AKA people on this site, would have a clue it's not right.


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I'll let you know if I get rid of them. Problem is that it's probably going to cost too much to convert all back to Ford this year. I did identify the spindles, they are Mopar for 1937-42 Dodge Plymouth Chrysler. Looking into repairing the drums now, unless I find a great disc kit for the mopar spindles

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