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Spindle Identification?

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Hey Everyone, I'm hoping to get some help on this one. I got a 1923 Ford T-bucket that someone put what appears to be some classic Dodge Plymouth Chrysler front drum brakes on (probably from the 1937-40s). The brakes are ruined and I'm using this as an opportunity to convert to disc brake. Problem is that I'm not really able to identify the spindle. Anyone got any thoughts? Attached pictures of drum and




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I think you are correct on the year, I know our 40 Plymouth had a single stepped front wheel cylinder and the 46 Plymouth had two, when they changed I'm not sure. Measure the spindle where inner and outer wheel bearings are located and by contacting Andy Berbaum or Roberts Auto parts or even NAPA you could determine what make or model.

I realize the Chrysler drum brake set-up probably weighs quite a bit more than a disc set-up but those Chrysler brakes will whoa a T-bucket and everybody has discs.

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