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Hi all,

I've been reader here more than a decade without much to add. I've decided to start a topic of my car, hopefully it will give the added boost to get it back on the road again.

But here is a start withsome pics.


Pic after I got it lowered and back on the wheels after tranny rebuilt.


Cruising night photo. Does anybody have spare trim piece and base for it between door and rear wheel well.

Unfortunately weakest link breaks and next was engine, crank bearing spun and my riding was done.

Engine swap started:



after removing these roadie will be light as a feather.

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Thanks guys,

I was searching for forties Cadillac but here then, before Internet explosion it was futile. I saw this and was sold :)

I'm holding myself back :D So many hobbies and too little patience to focus properly. Now here is few '49 topics floating and decided to add one more for general kicks. I really was blown away by 49_buick_super's machine.

I've got some progress lately and more parts are on the way. Main focus is to get front end done first and then move to other things. I need to get this wrapped together so I can remeber how it looks and feels before taking different place apart. I've had problems figuring out some rubber parts but some are now tackled and few still persists... and then here is other troubles :D



Valve cover is painted too now. I use non automotive paints and hope it lasts sometime. I compared Sequoia Cream paint chip for nearest available color locally from tinroof paints.. Quite nice color but wouldn't paint my house roof with it.



Main harness rubber.. Bob's and Cars doesn't sell one or my catalogs say they don't. Faulty catalogs or where should I ask?


Is this fender rubber available anywhere?

Few other non pictured questions:

Door handle ferrules, my co-pilots door handle is always moving around and failing to be in it's position when opening or closing door and I suspect it is the ferrule that failed.. cannot find that either. It even is different part number from '48 so I guess those are different.


Striker plate is toast, it hold fine when I didn't lubricate it but when i did, door lock cannot keep door close. Of course it isn't available by CARS or Bob's catalogs. Curse of the one year model.



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I appreciate your 76-S - great car! I have a 49 56S and enjoy it more as time passes.

Regarding your door handle, I had a similar problem with mine, also on the passenger side. A flange securing two parts had broken and I was able to repair it with a fabricated piece - here are the steps I took:

1. Remove the door handles, window cranks, metal "sill", interior door panel and the metal access panel that is now exposed.

2. Remove the lock by removing the bezel on the door (2 screws) and pulling the retainer clip that is just visible on the door edge. Look up through the access opening inside the door to guide your efforts

3. Remove the door handle by finding the hole in the door edge that exposes the screw that secures the handle shaft. Removing the screw allows you to pull the handle out.

4. Remove the latching linkage which are straps stamped from sheet metal.

5. Remove the four screws located in the door edge that secure the mechanism. The mechanism can now be carefully guided out. Buick cut two narrow slots in the door edge to accommodate the mechanism - it is a tight fit!

Once the mechanism is out of the door, you will quickly identify any problem.

Geoff Lockett

BCA 46433

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Thanks for tips, fortunately I've got small hands to help me out :) have to try when in garage next time. My car is 30miles from me so quick progress isn't going to happen around car but at my basement.


Basement painted dash and behind are inner fender and '55 Coronado sills

These things show progress

Manifolds before and after. I'll be painting intake to engine color still.


And good thing is: I found the striker plate from Buick Farm. Nice.

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