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Wanted to buy Late twenties to early thirties coupe


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I am looking for a car that is an unrestored driver or an older restoration as I plan to drive the car a lot. I don,t mind restoring a car that was never rusty and is complete . A car that has been sitting for years with mechanical problems does not bother me because I do all of my own mechanic work. Even though I can,t afford a number 1 concourse car i applaud all of you that do and hopefully someday.

Thanks for your time

Joe Hardin

928 241 1490

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I found this car on Craigslist yesterday evening and it is a little newer than I am looking for and and thought it might interest somebody here. I will try to figure out how to put it on here. It is a 36 RS coupe .

I also had a guy send info on a 1929 4 door that is all original and it looks fantastic for an original. If it was a coupe I would be all over it. The only thing I noticed on it was it had a carter BB-1 of mid thirties vintage that is same as I have on my Hupp.

I tried to load the ad on the 36 but can,t figure it out so if interested go to LA craigs and search 1936 packard rumble seat coupe


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