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WTB late 19 twenties to early 19 thirties Coupe


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Hi, My name is Joe Hardin and I live in North east Az. I have always been into late sixties muscle cars and when a 1968 hemi roadrunner went to a100k a few years ago I felt that people were putting a little to much value in a car that was basically a cheap mass produced rattle trap. Just my opinion please don,t shoot me. I lost interest in them and have not had a collector car in a few years. Since I was a kid I always wanted a coupe and a few months ago I bought a supper nice Driver quality Hupmobile A model cabriolet from a guy in Nj. He is one of the nicest guys I ever met and I love the car and drive the heck out of it. These cars are way more than I ever thought they were so now I am hooked. I would like to buy a bigger more powerful coupe that is an unrestored or lightly restored driver. I can,t afford the major blue chip cars and have to look towards a mid level car. I don,t mind mechanic work as I over hauled every thing from mack truck engines to 426 hemis. I would do a restoration on a worthy car that has never been rusty and is together and complete.

I am in the metal fab buss, and have a full metal and wood shop. I always wanted to build a motor bike so I did. I built every thing from the wheels , frame, fenders , tank ,lights and so on from scratch. I will throw on a few picts and hope you enjoy.

Thanks for a great site and thanks for your time.

Joe 928 241 1490





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