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ID this early 50's steering wheel / horn ring

Eric W

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In looking at dashboard / steering wheel photos of '50, '51, '52, all of the photos that show the steering wheel in the car show a wider, rounded spoke on the horn ring. Example:


Here is an example with a narrower, non-rounded horn ring. What car(s) was this on?


Here is the non-rounded-spoke horn ring by itself:


I have not found a photo of the non-rounded-spoke horn ring in a car. Anyone know what years/models used this?

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Pete's right. It is indeed a '54 and is most easily determined by the fact that like you said the spoke is non-rounded. That would be for a non-power steering car as power steering ones had Power Steering in the clear plastic. That is a mighty fine example you have there. for sale by any chance?

In fact just happen to have a fresh picture of one of mine here.:)


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Thanks guys. With that ID I can find any number of photos of '54's with that ring. Yes, I have that ring in the bottom photo with blue background, and since it's not right for either my '51 or the '55, I'll be moving it along. $35+ship sound fair? That's what I was going to put it back on the ebay parts recycling service for, then it only cost me a little to learn about the single-year only '54 horn ring... I can send more photos if you'd like to have a closer look...

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