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I have the following service manuals for se<P>Chilton's Professional automotive service manual from 1962 to 1984. A total of 21 Chilton's manuals. All rigid cover.<P>Chilton's 24th special edition from 1962-71<BR>Chilton's 35th special edition from 1966-72<P>Original shop manual 1970 Cadillac<BR>Original shop manual 1977 Vega & Monza<BR>Original shop manual 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix<BR>Original shop manual 1988 Ford Econoline<P>SERVICEmanual and PARTS books GMC Coaches Bus models T6H-T8H and S8H-S8<BR>Detroit diesel engines service manualV-71 book GMC Coaches Bus models T6H-T8H and S8H-S8N<BR>Detroit diesel transmissions service manualVH, VS series book GMC Coaches Bus models T6H-T8H and S8H-S8N<P>Paid value 3150 .$can sell by lot or individual ( from 20.$to 200.$)... make an offer..please call me.<P>Vincent<BR>(450) 629-4474<BR>mailto: vince@isociel.com

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