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I am hoping somebody here will be able to help. I own a 1943 Fire Engine that has a Wuakesha 6SRKR engine in it. I had a company attempt to rebuild it, but they destroyed the block. Does anybody know where I might be able to find a new block? I have been looking for junkyards and scrap yards. The engine was common in FWD trucks, Bay City and Koehning cranes and various other trucks from the 30s thru the 50s.

I hate to scrap the truck, so I am also considering re-powering it with something else. The truck sits in central PA, so if anybody has any idea how I would go about doing that or the cost, your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Try Andy Swift, he is a fire truck guy with lots of parts.

[TABLE=width: 1045]


[TD=class: xl65, width: 159]Andy Swift[/TD]

[TD=class: xl66, width: 255]805 Barnstown Road Hope ME 04847[/TD]

[TD=class: xl67, width: 187]207-763-3828[/TD]

[TD=class: xl65, width: 153]American LaFrance[/TD]

[TD=class: xl65, width: 89]am la France[/TD]

[TD=width: 202]andy@fireflyrestoration.com[/TD]



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If the above block repair outfits can't help or are out of reach financially, check with the Wauk Eng Hist Soc (wehs.net) as to whether any other blocks may interchange...your 6SRKR was a heavy duty version of the 6SRK, but the blocks may not be exactly the same....

Also ask them if any of the other 6S series engines have the same exterior etc mounting dimensions; if so, engines like the 6SRL 43/8x51/8 or the 6SRS 41/8x51/8, altho smaller and probably not dual ign (assuming yours is dual ign) might be acceptable if drop-in fits...

If looking for another block, post on old truck sites like aths, old eqpmt sites like hcea and the various old Caterpillar sites, the fire truck sites and even some old Ag eqpmt sites, as old iron collectors often know of stuff outside their own immediate interests...

If parts for your 6SRKR are NLA except thru the profe$$ional obsolete engine parts dealers, many shops can install another engine easier to find parts for, but I'd limit inquiries to shops recommended by other old truck/eqpmt collectors...

You needn't worry about your truck being scrapped; fire truck/fire eqpmt collectors will be happy to bid on it if you decide not to rehabilitate it yourself...Good luck

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When you mentioned your block "CANNOT BE REPAIRED" my curiosity light came on.

I don't believe I've ever seen a block that couldn't be repaired.

I'd love to see a photo of what you've been told can't be repaired.

THIS block also "couldn't be repaired" >>> MogulCrankcase.JPG

That is the crankcase for an early IHC 45 HP Mogul tractor which looked liked this a few weeks later >>> EngineonFloor.JPG

And eventually turned into this >>> Mogul1.JPG

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