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Need two 25" split rims for '17 Dodge Bros.

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I have two badly rusted split rims on the 25" wheels of my late '17 Dodge Bros. touring. Am seeking to purchase two excellent original replacements. According to the club resource "Wood Wheels" application photo and serial number charts these are Stanweld rims on Hayes wheels. Actual ID is 24" and OD is 26" with the tire seating at 25". I have four new 33 x 4 Lesters, tubes, etc.

Photos of the rim type follow.






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I may have some. It will take a while because i'll have to find time to dig out the ones i have and see if i have any extras. If someone comes along with some go with them but i'll take a look when i get the chance. I have a bunch of old dodges, if you are looking for anything else i may be able to help.

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