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Oil Grade for rear axle / gearbox please 1917 Roadster type R

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Please can anyone help me with a recomendation for the correct oil to use in my 1917 Roadster rear axle and Gearbox (all one Stutz unit)

I am currently using a UK Oil grade called AG 140, this is a stright grade oil with no aditives, I am using a 140 grade thinking a think oil might be good to prevent wear but wondering what might have been recommended when new and what others use please?

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These are from the 1920 Series K Manual of Care and Operation

Am hoping that you will not try grease cut with 600-W steam engine oil! The very best lubricants then were not as good as the poorest grades today. Use the 140, I don't think that any additives would hurt, could only help.


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Hi Layden,

This is Dan the Treasurer of the STuTZ Club. I want to thank you for helping all of these guys with the questions.

Your help and the help our other members provide is invaluable. There have been a number of STuTZ cars changed hand recently and a few have come up for sale that we have not seen before. Some of the new owners are not familiar with the STuTZ and it is important they get the correct information.

I encourage anyone working on a STuTZ or just interested in the Marque to consider joining the club. They shoulld also consider attending our 2014 Grand STuTZ in Stillwater, MN at the end of July.

Thanks again on behalf the club.

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Dan, you are quite correct, Layden has been really helpful to me and has helped with answers and all kinds of useful information and detail

I would also encourage new car owners to join the Stutz Club, the Newsletter is really good and the information available to members is invaluable

I have even been visited here in the UK by a USA based club member who looked me up and came to see my car, that was a most informative visit

My thanks to you all

Regards Dave

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I have two Stutz of that era with transaxles. In researching at Harras many years ago, which I don't wish to recall,  I found the oil grade like Layton said is around 140. I am told SAE 140 was more like what was used. In my experiance the additives are ok if seals made of neopreme were used, but if not...NO oil additives! Also, if the transaxle was not taken apart and cleaned tthan....than again No Additive, because it loosens the crap up, --but if the Trans is clean and no wory on seal type, then additive type oil is OK.


I also understand that the oil used in teens was not that well refined so using todays oils is good....but stay away from high acidity oils if you can because of the aluminum doesn't like it that much. If I get some time I'll send you a copy of the book on maintenance and care for the transaxle, which will be extremely helpful.

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Been informed from a couple sources that the 250W (synthetic) I use in my mid '20s Cadillacs is roughly equivalent to 600 weight of bygone days. If specs call for grease tempered with 600 , that would be thicker yet. What is an ISO rating , please ? Is ISO1500 thicker than what I am using ? Always curious , had been thinking about experimenting with V.I. improvers (eg. STP , etc.) . Thanks , Carl

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