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1967 Skat Kitty Technical Questions

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Questions about 1967 Skat Kitty:

1. The tank is chrome and I have only seen one other. Is this acceptable in class judging?

2. What color paint is this? Can it be purchased in a spray can? What name brand and color?

3. The gas tank to carb line is greenish clear. I’m guessing this is not correct. What is correct and acceptable?

4. Where can you purchase the red and white spiral that goes around the front headlight wire to battery?

5. What battery is recommended?

6. Do you see anything else that is not correct?





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Get in touch with Jeff at Restoration Specialties (814-467-9842). He restores mini-bikes and has a couple "Kittys" and lots of asst. parts. He also has a lot of knowledge on mini-bikes. He'll be happy to talk to you!

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