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2014 BCA National Meet PreWar AfterTour


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This was originally posted by Mark Shaw in the Pre-War Forum but I feel it is good share such info with the general membership also. However, to avoid confusion of duplicate postings I am closing this thread and additional info and comments can be found and made here >


The PWD (Gorgeous) AfterTour was advertised in our newsletter, but here are the details so far:

The Columbia River Gorge, was designated a National Scenic Area in 1986 and begins on the edge of Portland and extends almost 100 miles east up the Columbia River. It also serves as the boundary between the states of Oregon and Washington. Native Americans used it as a major travel route, and Lewis and Clark used it to reach the Pacific Ocean. Later, it became part of the Oregon Trail when migrants removed their wheels and put their wagons on barges to float to Fort Vancouver WA and the Willamette Valley in OR. Today, Washington State Highway 14 and Oregon Interstate Highway 84 use this millennia-old route to connect the Pacific Northwest with locations east.

Driving in the Columbia River Gorge is a truly unique experience unmatched anywhere else in the world. It is one of the major attractions in the Pacific Northwest for its’ scenic beauty and recreational diversity. The Columbia River remains nearly at sea level while the basalt cliffs on either side can reach up to 4000 feet as the river cuts a path through the Cascade Mountains. Our 2014 BCA PreWar AfterTour will take us up the Columbia River Gorge for a truly Gorgeous AfterTour.

I strongly encourage anyone considering participation in the AfterTour to make hotel reservations now! July is peak tourism time and reasonable hotel rooms will soon be booked and not available at all. You can always cancel your reservations if you change your plans, but this is one you will not want to miss. The Historic Columbia Gorge and Multnomah Falls bus tour offered by the BCA will be entirely on the Oregon side of the river. The AfterTour will be primarily on the Washington side, but will cross over to drive the historic highway from Mosier to The Dalles OR. Visiting Crown Point and Multnomah Falls will be optional on the last day for those who choose not to take the bus tour.

Sunday July 27th: Depart the host hotel at 9 AM & cross over to WA Hwy 14 East for a coffee stop just past Beacon Rock, and on to take a guided tour of the Bonneville Dam. We will have lunch at the river park in Stevenson and continue with a tour of the Interpretive Center near Skamania Lodge. (Some may want to drive up to the lodge just to see the lobby and fireplace). We continue east and cross over a $1 toll bridge to Hood River and check-in at The Vagabond Lodge overnight. The Vagabond is next door to the Columbia Gorge Inn with its’ beautiful gardens and fine dining for those who want to indulge.

Monday July 28th: Depart at 9 AM driving south of Hood River to the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum (WAAAM). After lunch in Hood River, we drive on the historic highway with a short stop at the Rowena Overlook to take in spectacular views of the river. We continue east to the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center before arriving for an overnight stay in The Dalles at Cousins Country Inn. Cousins is known for its’ country restaurant with large meals served in large portions.

Tuesday July 29th: Depart at 9 AM to tour Fort Dalles Museum before crossing the river to WA Hwy 14 east to visit the Mary Hill Museum of Art, have lunch in their café, and take a short drive to the Stone Henge Memorial for a photo opportunity with your Buick. The last stop will be the Mary Hill Winery to toast good-by to those who choose to return via the OR I-84 freeway. Others will return via WA Hwy 14.

Hotel Reservations:

Sunday July 27th for one night: http://www.vagabondlodge.com/html/rates.html

The Vagabond Inn rates are as listed on their website. I suggest you request at least a partial view room so you are located near the river away from the freeway at the front of the hotel. Check out the Columbia Gorge Inn next door: http://www.columbiagorgehotel.com/ It is a bit too expensive to stay there, but dinner would be one to remember.

Monday July 28th for one night: http://cousinscountryinn.com/index.php

The Cousins Country Inn offers a $96.90 Group Rate for PreWar Buicks that includes a special breakfast coupon. Request the front building with windows overlooking the parking area. Dinner at Cousins will be memorable too, but not the same fancy atmosphere. We will all receive breakfast coupons at check-in.

There is no need now to sign up for the AfterTour, but you do need to make hotel reservations if you want a place to stay. Sign-up sheets will be in the next PWD Newsletter. Prewar Division membership is free with BCA membership. Just email your BCA# and list your prewar car or cars to be added to our roster so you will receive email notifications. My email address is listed in The Bugle under BCA Divisions

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