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Trailer hitch inspection


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Just for s**ts and giggles I thought I'd give my trailer hitch an off season inspection. Through the paint and dirt it looked like I could see a crack in one of the welds. After bead blasting deep cracks were plainly visible at the weld bead to base metal interface on both sides of the bracket that actually holds the hitch ball. Now this is no wimpy P.O.S. it must weigh 50 pounds and was a disaster just looking for a place to happen.

So if you're looking for something constructive to do give your towing gear a good once over........................Bob


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Just yesterday ....

Changed my F350 Dually truck bed in Salt Lake City, UT

I had a driver rear inner dually tire peel like an orange and damage the dually fender in December,

plus the bed was looking kinda ratty overall ....

Upon pulling the bed - Dallas ( my parts and powertrain source in Utah ) discovered a crack in my truck

frame where the previous owner had drilled to install air bag supports for the rear .....

Dallas welded the frame before we changed the bed .....

Talk about a timely find !


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