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Hole in water jacket at exhaust outlet - Hup 20


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Hi All,

I thought I was making some headway with my Hup 20's engine at last but have had another set back. After experiencing a leak in the combustion chamber (see a previous post) and leaks around the studs in Block No. 2 (Cylinders 3 & 4) I blanked off the side water inlet and filled the block up with water. After a while, I noticed a very slight weep of water developing in the outlet port of No. 4 exhaust. A bit of prodding with the sharp end of a needle file and soon I had a gush. More prodding and now I have hole around half an inch long x a quarter of an inch wide...See attached pic. At least it is somewhat accessible.

Short of a new block, I am after some suggestions as to how to repair. Ideas contemplated so far:

1. Try and fill with a high temp epoxy as it is

2. Angle the block with the corner the hole is in down and fill that corner with some filling agent such as the cement they use in drag racing engine blocks (or some such product)

3. Tap a bolt up through the bottom of the water jacket so the end of the bolt draws up just beneath the hole to provide some positive reinforcement for some sort of epoxy

4. "Glue" a patch over the hole with epoxy and then cover the patch with more epoxy (not so keen on that idea as if this fails, the loss of water may be very quick and fatal to the engine)

Any other suggestions??? Has anyone had a similar problem on a Hup or other old car?

Regards to all,



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G,day to all. Andrew I cant see any real way out of a rusted out block The cures that have been put forward are none of them permanent and will all fail if not tomorrow sometime far from home. Unfortunately this block has had the dick, send it for a rainbow and look for its replacement. Max Burke, Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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