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Let's Play What's This Car Emblem?


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The Knights Helmet looks to be a part (broken off?) from a 1958 Buick Limited quarter panel badge unless I'm not seeing it right.


Sadly, broken off like that, in as good as any place on that toolbox.

I think it is similar, but I don't see the "V" that the quarter panel emblem has on the item in question. Even broken, you should be able to see it on there. The one in question seems to go center front on a grill, maybe.

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Just bought a great old mechanic toolbox from an antique store and it has some old car badges on it. Can anyone help me identify the years on these, and what the heck the knight's helmet is from? Thanks![ATTACH=CONFIG]236146[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]236145[/ATTACH]

Thanks so much for all the feedback. Anybody know the years or models for the Oldsmobile and the Buick emblems on the lower front?

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