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Question about ED16

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The snow and rain have finally stopped in Portland, so I took the convertible out for a winter cruise!

I noticed that ED16 (Spark Angle) never moved off of "0" the whole drive, whether at idle or at 60, or anywhere in between.

So what is the Spark Angle? And, is it normal to be at "0" all of the time? The book says the normal range is 0 to 45

There are no "codes", and the only issue I have with the car is poor (low) idle.

Thanks gang!

1990 Reatta

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ED16 is better described as Knock Retard. It is the amount of retardation of the engine timing in degrees needed to prevent the engine from knocking in response to a signal from the knock sensor.

Unless you have terrible gasoline on board or a mechanical issue, about the only time the knock sensor sends a signal to the ECM is at start-up, so there is no need to retard the timing and ED16 stays at 0 as you drive. If you see a reading of other than 0 you should investigate.

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