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Piston Installation Much Easier

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Finally getting the V-12 re-assembled. In the past I've fought with the old clamp type piston ring compressor and hated every minute of it. Well, I didn't have one that would go small enough for a 0.060 over 2 7/8 bore, so I looked for a tapered ring style, and couldn't find one. A little light came on in my head and I found a 75 mm aluminum inside tapered compressor on sale at Speedway Motors. I think its for a Honda. 75 mm is just a hair larger than my bore, but I find that I can slide a the compressor a bit with one hand post-43470-143142395003_thumb.jpgwhile I push the piston down with my other thumb. The taper compresses the rings so the piston slides right in.


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