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1957 International Cameo Truck

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I bought this Cameo today hoping that it would get the attention it deserves. I have too many projects but these IH Cameo's can't be that common or are they. I got pics of the front and then the camera died. If anyone is interested please let me know.




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Not common, but not terribly valuable either. I've had my share of IH trucks and love them. Body parts are not reproduced, and fetch steep prices when you do find them. This poor old gal looks like she might serve better as a parts truck to another 57 looking for new life..... but then again, I've brought home worse.

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Looks like a solid and mostly complete old truck from the pics. It would make an interesting project and you would have something not everyone has. The sheet metal, especially the bed, could be worth a good bit if you decide not to restore. Keep us posted.

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