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Gas Tank Repair $$$$


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:eek::eek:Not much to do over the winter except spend money.......

Took the Coupe gas tank to Moyer in Greensburg, PA to get the tank cleaned and sealed. After sandblasting the tank shows a few gaping gashes! I thought I could get off cheap on this one.....

It's finished and will pick it up Monday. When I get home I will post photos of the repaired tank.





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I've seen good tanks at Hershey for $25-$50.

I'm always a day late and a dollar short! I've looked a long time and decided to repair the original tank. Besides needing a gas gauge photo I also need a gas cap. The filler tube has the two bumps on the outside diameter.

As you can see from the photos that all the rust has been cut out and patches welded in. The inside has been blasted and then sealed with a patented sealer. I still need to grind here and there, add some bondo to smooth out the rough edges, but when it's done you won't know I did anything to it. AND it will eliminate future fuel delivery problems.

Hope I live long enough to finish this car.........






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Many thanks for the compliment! It helps ease the pain. The tank as you see it cost $400. Before anyone says "What??????" A POR-15 kit is around $120, Etching primer is expensive, and the man hours of work is extensive.

I decided early in life that there are two types of tanks I refuse to work on:

1) Gas tank

2) Septic tank

I am very pleased with the work and thanks again for the compliment!

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If I'm right that work took a lot longer than you thought it would!

Very well done. It's really going to look the part when it's finished. Just a word to the wise; the holding straps can fail if you tighten them too much!


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Do I want to ask how you know why? I will remember your wisedom when it's time to assemble!

On a side note are you still getting the rain I keep hearing about? My son in law is concerned he might have to take a boat from Wales to London to get home! We had extreme cold and large amounts of snow here in the lower 48. My drive from Northwest Indiana to West Virginia every week has increased my muscles in both my hands. I have been witness to auto wrecks that I wish I didn't see.

Take care Ray.....

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Bill, l was told about the straps failing by someone who had it happen. I guess you just tighten them enough to hold the tank in place. I must admit to feeling a little nervous when I was doing mine the other day. As I was working alone, I supported my tank on a couple of trolley jacks and lifted into position.

As to the weather; it has been the wettest winter since records began 250 years ago and it is only now abating. There have been terrible floods with thousands of people inundated. The situation has been made worse by the failure to dredge the rivers over the last 20 years. The situation has been particularly bad in an area known as the Somerset levels and moorland. Elsewhere, the groundwater has risen up. The Thames valley has been particularly badly hit but the problem is widespread. Prime Minister David Cameron has shown leadership and stated that money will not be an issue in dealing with the disaster.

Your son in law should have no problem in getting to London from Wales. The West Country has lost it's rail link and many sea defences have been swept away by the severe storms. Some folk have evolved web feet I'm told but otherwise we are O.K.

I am fortunate that our property is on a hill side so flooding is not a problem but we did have a mains electricity transformer explode! Also, I can only just get through the top of our lane with the Land Rover!


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