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Zephyr Valve Keepers

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Doing my first valve repair with solid guides, stainless valves, and NOS Lincoln-Zephyr springs -

noticed that I did not have the keepers and called Earle Brown to get info on these. He informed me

that the keepers made today are not exact, "a little thinner" as he said. Turns out, I did have some

NOS keepers and in all this talk of Ford valves I imagined that the keepers were a simple Ford part...

not so according to the book, O6H-6512. Does anyone have a photo of the Ford keepers, how different are they? Some of the keepers have a slighltly smaller collar. Looking forward to getting this engine fired up! BTW thanks to Earle Brown, Dee Peecher, and Tom Overfield for your help and advice.



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The slightly thinner "collar" keepers are for the Zephyr blocks. These will fit the recess in the block under the valve guide bores. The regular Ford ones are too wide and will not fit the recess. I suppose in a pinch you could carefully file off both sides of a Ford keeper.

While the keepers on the left look like the Ford keepers they may work? Try fitting them in to the machined surfaces under the valve guide bores. They must fit with out over lapping the edges.

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When I had to disassemble my '41 V-12 , someone had used FORD keepers , and must have had to pound them in,

As I took me forever to remove them with a hammer and pliers. The correct ZEPHYR keepers fit easily upon reassembly.

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