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Kokomo, Siberia....... -20 degrees last night :-(


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Guest Texas Old Car Guy

My son is married to an Air Force Major and they were stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska for five years. He called one March morning and said, "What's the weather like in Georgetown today Dad?" I replied, "Oh probably 75 and sunny, why?" He said, "How does 66 below zero sound?" He said his wife fixed him a pot of coffee and he poured a cup, went out on the front porch and threw the contents into the air and WHOOSH - the steaming hot coffee instantly vaporized into thin air. He then got some of my granddaughter's bubble blowing stuff and blew some bubbles and they just settled quietly on the porch - he thumped one and it shattered like a light bulb!

No thanks, I'll stay in Texas!


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