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:)Hi,I found a 1901 OLDS curved dash in a old stable (storage barn),been in there a FEW years .Would like to know from someone on the forum if it is real OR a repo? Will put some pictures on the post this or next week.Motor is ??? ,Will check further .Will get back to you all with more info,.Thanks,Kelly Will ck Title and take picture of title as of 2/13/14post-99111-143142387238_thumb.jpg





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I always hate to have to reply like this but I have CDO 6320 which is a genuine 1901 and is very complete though unrestored. I have to be honest I can't find a single part in your pictures that I can match up with anything on my original. The general shape and size of your vehicle is similar but not a single piece of my car would fit anywhere on yours at least none that I can see in your pictures and there really isn't all that much to an early CDO. Sorry but to me it looks like a home made car built for fun.

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