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HERSHEY 1984? 1985?


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Having some time on my hands (between snow storms....:() I went through a couple of boxes and found this at the bottom of one. Double click to get a bigger view.


Dad & I went to Hershey in his VW Westfalia Camper for four days camping at a KOA Camping Ground somewhere close by. I could not find any notes or dates on the pictures but think the time line would be around 84-85 as Dad bought a 1986 Westfalia in 1987 and I have not been back in that unit. That's Dad in the orange hat...:confused:


Not at Hershey but the one we went in.

The family and I went through Hershey in 2000 on our way back from the BCA National in Richmond, Va and knowing that development alone would change the place, got totally lost trying to find what the pictures show (no GSP then). Thinking I need to make time to go once more....

Thought I'd share my find of 30 years ago.

Please excuse my feeble photography attempt with my then Kodak 110 Instamatic camera.




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1984 was when the Chocolate Field first opened, and I was assigned the same spaces I currently (still) have.

Thanks Marty for the confirmation.

At almost 90 years of age Dad's mind is still sharp but between us we just couldn't pinpoint the year and I usually have dates on most of my pictures, these didn't. I'm sure I have a few shots around the show field somewhere...... will post when I come across them.

If I decide to go this year (work usually takes priority) I'll have to look you up. I know Dad would love to go too but he just can't take that amount of walking anymore.....

Here's to many more years for all of us.

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