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who has done a 23" to 25" block swap?

Guest pyrodork

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Guest pyrodork

i have a 37 plymouth sedan that needs a new engine (i ruined the last one). i found a 25" long block 218 engine from a 46 dodge truck that i can get in a trade.

i heard that the bolt holes and mounts should line up fine, but just the radiator needs to be moved forward to accommodate the extra 2" on the block.

my question is:

1) will this actually line up to the mounts on the frame; and all elsewhere for that matter? is it just as simple as moving the radiator?

2) how have folks made the mods to accept the 23 to 25 conversion? photos are encouraged!

this morning, i held up the radiator as if i moved the top mounts to the other side. looks like everything would fit, but the filler cap is blocked. is there another radiator i could grab from a junkyard that would work better?

cost is really the key at this point. i've been considering installing a small block 360, but it seems the cost would outweigh my budget and workspace at the moment. the guy who sold me the car is selling the 360 (he bought it to install in that car) and he says it wouldn't take much to do it. a prior consensus on this site has decided it would take much more than motor mounts, a rear end, and a modern radiator. thoughts?

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