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1966 Duesenberg Model D built by Ghia: was it printed what it sold for at auction?

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I know the company failed with only one prototype built, later bought by Sam Schwartz of Long Island. I know it was sold at auction, was that where he bought it? I figure it cost at least $100,000 to build but was wondering what the car was sold for? What year was that auction, can't find it on the net

Also later , 30 plus years later, he sold it to Joe Bortz but by that time it was more recognized so the price was probably higher. I wonder if the original investors felt rooked when a car of much the same style, with the same coachbuilder, Ghia, came out called the Stutz Blackhawk?

I think the Blackhawk succeeded because it had more bling and that's the type of customers they were aiming at. Also more body styles including convertibles and stretched limos.

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In addition to the 1966 Duesenberg, there was also a 1980 Duesenberg prototype from another company that attempted to revive the name. I remember seeing photos of it, and remember not being overly impressed with its styling, as it looked to me like just being a fat Lincoln Towncar. But, I've often wondered if that car survives today, and if so where?

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