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Anaerobic sealer and transmission fluid.


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After having changed the transmission pan gasket on my ST400 transmission several times, and still having a leak, I decided to try it again but now instead of using (another) gasket, just giving it a go with the red anaerobic gasket maker (permatex 51813).

I’ve read a lot of posts, on several forums, in which that red sealer became a lot of very positive reactions. So, I thought why not give it a try. Worst case it still leaks.

I re-installed the pan yesterday and the red sealer kind of squished out, and I’m pretty sure it did the same on the inside of the pan. Now I’m wondering if I have to worry about that stuff on the inside of the oil pan. Don’t know how this stuff reacts with (warm) transmission fluid.

Any thoughts, opinions, experience with this?

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Trans fluid won't dissolve it if that is what you are thinking. The stuff on the inside will be the same as the stuff on the outside, except covered with trans fluid.

There have been cases where a blob of silicone broke loose and plugged a critical oil passage. You don't need to worry about that. Any silicone floating around will be caught by the filter.

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