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Six NOS Mid '50s Mercury Wheel Covers

Guest mikeburch

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Guest mikeburch

I have owned these six NOS Mercury Wheel Covers, for years, never offering them for sale. They are as good as you can get. I had four of them on a '55 Ford Pick-Up for a short while. There is no damage.

Part Number MC-1130-D.

Not sure of the year, but mid '50s.

$150.00 plus $15.00 Postage.


******** SOLD - PENDING PAYMENT *********





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I'm going to guess 1956 ??

Probably not 1954 - at least mine were different on my '54 Convertible, and the 1955 I found via GOOGLE were different also.

Nice looking, and seem very fairly priced -- wish I had something to use them (, but would probably prefer the 4-bar spinner caps).

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