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Check this out Guys!

R W Burgess

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I'm sure you and I have noticed a lot of forum members lately question the reason that anyone should join the AACA. Some have been past members, but had bad experiences or did not understand how AACA runs its operations.

May I suggest that all of you take a look at the link above to the AACA Rummage Box. This Winter issue is one of the 3 or 4 issues published each year to help AACA region and chapter editors promote AACA or to entertain their club members. I invide all of you to read the articles to help understand more about the AACA. Don't miss the included Tucker articles either. Both will peak your interest and help promote the AACA Museum grand opening of the Tucker exhibit this Fall.

Trust me, it's good reading!


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Thanks for the link. The outdoor camping would be tremendous to me seeing I have 2 Eagle Scouts and am well versed in camping. There is also much great information in the rest of the articles. Thanks again!

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