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In Need of Classic car rental in San Fransisco.Any leads would be helpful.

Guest Evanbruce

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Guest Evanbruce

Dad is turning 80 and want to take him for a ride in 1952-54 type sportster with a rumble seat in back. He used to race them in his 20's!

Any leads for private rentals or commercial would be appreciated!

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Guest bkazmer
I'm not quite sure what a 1952-54 type sportster is, but rumble seats were all gone by 1940, or so

agree that American producers were done after 1939, but the 1948 Triumph still had one.

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Thank you for writing your first post on the AACA Antique Automobile Discussion Forums. I think it is great that you are wanting to celebrate your father's birthday with some special activity, but your brief three-sentence request presents us with a veritable raft of enigmas. Maybe a little more detail would help alleviate our confusion as to these subjects:

  • Ride. Implies being a passenger, but the conveyance could be a horse, Hupmobile or Unlimited Hydroplane.
  • 1952-to-1954-Vintage. Something that was around in 1952-54 or built in 1952-54?

  • Sportster. Sports car? Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Hotrod? A '34 Ford Coupe Dry Lakebed Racer?
  • Rumble Seat. As bkazmer and 58Mustang opined, these were "old hat" by 1954, so you have to be talking about something that was an old car even in 1952.
  • Raced Them In His 20s. Born in 1934, your dad would have been in his twenties from '54 to '64, so we are back to the first subject of what was he racing.
  • Private or Commercial Rental of Classic Car. Unless you go to "Rent-A-Wreck", being able to hire an an old car in this country is almost unheard-of (you probably weren't thinking of a 1974 Pinto or an 1984 Toyota). An actual "Classic Car", such as an Elcar 8-81 or a Packard Single Six from 1926 (both available with rumble seats) would actually be impossible to rent. That leaves you with buying one, which may be an option for someone with means, or using your close personal friendship with the owner of a Classic car to some advantage.

I hope I don't sound too negative. There probably are a number of us here eager to read more about what it is you're looking for. Thank you for asking...you never know, somebody out there might be able to help!

Maybe you could have some fun with this. One could go to a car show, go up to the owner of a vehicle like that you are seeking, and remark: "I say there, old boy, do you think you could bring that car by on such-and-such a day and take my papa and I for a spin?" Passing him your money clip with a big wad of fifties could be a little helpful, too.


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