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OT Superbowl

Guest Grant Magrath

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Guest Grant Magrath

Mark, congrats to the Seahawks!

Mike, I feel for you.



PS Houston Texans fan.

PPS Time to ditch the gloves, helmets, padding and long pants and play like REAL men? :rolleyes:

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Seattle came to play, and played to win!

Being from New Orleans, we were pulling for Payton,


the only team to keep the New Orleans Saints from advancing to the Semi-finals in the play-offs was Seattle!

Tough decision??

Not really --- GO HAWKS, but ask Payton to make a respectable showing...

Did he? Well..... at least he didn't storm off of the field and refuse to talk with anybody, like he does after a loss. His brother Eli looked so sad, sitting there behind the glass, just watching, and where was Dad Archie???

Not exciting, but then Superbowl games can tend to be that way.

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Archie's sons - Cooper, Eli, and Payton all played for Newman High School in New Orleans, and were exceptional - three brothers, and all great athletes. Too bad Cooper was injured during his College Freshman year.

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