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1959 Buick 4 door


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Driving by a local salvage yard and saw this on the side. he takes in cars for scrap and often saves stuff on the side he finds interesting for a few weeks. Don't know anything about it at all so you would have to call them

Hank Zion's Auto Salvage

Address: 124 Bedford St, Middleborough, MA 02346

Phone: (508) 947-2321








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Guest Rob McDonald

The interior appears to be that of a LeSabre, according to page 4 of http://www.lov2xlr8.no/brochures/buick/59buick/59buick.html. The full-line brochure for '59 Buicks is a real work of art, as are the cars themselves.

Have a look at page 10 also, for background drawings of antique Buicks.

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Model 4439. Correct. Only the Lesabre would have had that interior. I believe it has the P2 option which includes the bright trim around the windows, drip rail, grille emblem, etc. Padded dash, power steering(usually combined with power brakes-possibly another issue to deal with on this one) as options as well. No emblem ID on the front fender as well, Invicta and Electra trims would have included their names there. Looks like a SOLID car. Even if it needs an engine, used 364s are out there as are Dynaflows.

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