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My '56 Buick Special


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Hi all,

I am fairly new to postings, just a couple so far looking for this or that on the buy/sell page. I thought it was time to show my car. I have been hesitant as it was really a great find for me, most of the work was already done. I'm just doing a few things to get it back a little closer to original. Any suggestions would be appreciated. But first a tale...

The story goes like this...back in about 1966 my Dad had a '56 Buick Special. He also had 6 kids besides me. Thus he had two jobs during all of my "kid" years. One of the jobs he had was cleaning up the Drive-in theater lot in the mornings, picking up popcorn boxes, soda cups and trays etc. My two next younger siblings-brothers, could help, but only if Dad kept rein over them. Dad taught me to drive the Special so I could drive ahead of he and the boys. Dad would put three trash cans in the open trunk and he and the boys would throw the trash in as I slowly drove ahead. Doesn't sound too exciting, but I was only 14 and it was a great lot of trust in me that he showed. I loved it! When the cans were full they guys would all take a break as I took the car over to the far corner of the lot and dumped the cans. Later Dad would burn the trash! (You couldn't get away with any of this now a days!)

When the lot was clean if we were lucky the projector operator had come in and would fill a gallon bottle with Orange Crush for us to take home! A great was to end a summer mornings work. ;0)

Well for years I watched for a '56 Buick Special and always if one was available the money was not and vice versa. Finally last October, just before my birthday I found this one. I told my husband I had solved his ongoing question of what to buy me. We went and looked, rode in her and took her home the next Wednesday.

She starts, runs, stops, steers, heats, radio plays, everything just fine. Steering needs to be tightened - power steering with too much free play. Shocks need replaced. Windshield washer not working (but according to my reading many don't.) Two "red" radiator hoses need to be replaced, black would look better and I'm sure judge better if I can get that far. And last but not least the wheels and tires need replaced.

I found my wheels, had them cleaned, blasted and powdered coated black. I found 5 original wheel covers to clean up and choose the best four of-just need a little color back into the center caps. And my Coker 7.60 X15's will be ordered this week. The interior looks good. I will be spending some time with the judging book, but again, any comments would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance for any help.





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Hey Anne, check this out:

Bahama Blue I had a 2 door sedan! Among the family parents had 2 door Century Htp, Grandma V had a 4 door special sedan, never owned another car an Grandpa on mom's side had a '56 4 door special. I've owned besides the sedan,A 2 door Htp Special and 4 door sedan for parts,Bro Chris has a 2 door Special Sedan Stick shift and a 4 hardtop century, see the link on rockauto.com here:


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