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1936 Buick Large Series Sidemount Covers

Guest KeithElwell

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Guest KeithElwell

I have for sale what I believe to be all the sidemount cover sheet metal for a 1936 Buick "large" series car; $200 firm for all pieces shown, plus actual shipping, plus actual cost for packing material. I know these parts are larger than my parts that fit my 16" wheels/tires (which doesn't make sense to me, cause at least some of the large series 1936 models had 15" wheels and I would think the covers would be smaller). Obviously I am not an expert on these covers but I do know that my smaller covers all fit my 40 series 16" wheels/tires so I am keeping those. Included in my sale here are four "quarter" panels for the inside side of the wheel (that should be enough for 2 wheels), the one half moon piece for the outer side of the wheel, and the cover piece for around the tire. All these pieces are very straight and have no rust. Can be shipped by bus and probably UPS just fine. You can also pick it up in person, located in Greenville, Texas. I am also planning to go to North Texas area swap meets this year and could meet someone there. elwellk_d@yahoo.com







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I'm interested but the freight to Australia is a problem and I'm also confused as to what Series these may be from!

My parts book lists 4 different cover plates, L & R for 1936 Fender Well models. So different for 40, 60, 80 and 90 Series. Also 4 different Ring Assemblies ( as well as L & R ) for each Series and 4 different Shield and Welt Assemblies ( I'm guessing this is the 2 piece rear covers ).

Looking at tyre sizes

40 Series 6.50 X 16 tyres are 29.25" diameter and 5.10" in width ( Tread )

60 Series 700 X 15 tyres are 29.65" diameter and 5.55" in width

80 Series 700 X 16 tyres are 30.40" diameter and 5.50 in width

90 Series 750 X 16 tyres ( didn't check )

They all seem so close that it wouldn't matter BUT obviously it does. My Century ones aren't here at the moment to measure but the ring assemblies seem narrower than your ring assemblies.

Best guess is there are Century 60 Series covers, I'll do some more checking and get back to you. How close/far are you from Pete Phillips?

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