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gear driven generators and lubrication

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I have a 1919 northway engine and the cam, crank and generator are direct contact gears... no chains... the crank gear has a fiber core and in my case is somewhat worn but I think serviceable. On this engine the cover for these gears also serves as the front motor mount.

There is a gasket to mount this cover. There was no signs any lubrication was ever there to lubricate these gears. There is a hole in the center of the cover where oil could be put in but there was no cover on it and there is no drain to change any lubrication. I suspect the fiber gear may be key to the lack of lubrication in the system. But...

Should these gears be lubricated?

Would they not be quieter if they were lubricated?

If the crank gear with the fiber core is not servicable can one still get them or what is the fix?



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Earlier Northway engines had a large timing cover with a removable plug which were lubricated with gear oil, separate from the engine oil. If you posted a couple of pictures and told us what this is on it might help us. Do you not have an owners manual? Don't know about your fiber gear but on other cars, they were lubricated also.

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post-64230-143142384384_thumb.jpg Opps I was off track. This car is in many parts and I had forgotten about the hole in the block. The hole allows oil to splash into the front compartment to lubricate the gears. There is no exit for the oil so when you change the oil in the engine about a cup of old oil remains in this front compartment... not likely a big deal....

This is one of the many oddities on lubrication of this car... I will do a more complete recap of odd lubrication techniques on the restoration forum. ( eventually)


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