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Original 1921 Buick Price List of Parts Book

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I'm looking for a similar parts book for my 23 Buick 6 cyl 2 pass roadster conv with trunk (not the rumble seat model). Do you know where I might be able to find one? My car is pretty much done except for the soft top. I have bows but no rear window or glass. I need to know how or where to have the top made. Please advise if you can help me. Thank you. If anyone out there can help me on how to proceed on the convertible top, I'd be very grateful. I live in Utah, so need someone close to Utah to make my convertible top, or give me instructions on how to do it so as a local trim shop can make it correctly. I do not want it to sag (like an elephant's skin).

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Texas Old Car Guy, Very tempted. Looking for a parts book for my 1920. I know the body panels are different between 20 and 21, but all the mechanicals are the same. It might be years before I can find a 20 part book. email me at rodwise32@yahoo.com.au regarding how I can pay for the book.

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