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1937 1938 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr radio question

Jim Zephyr

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Can anyone confirm the originality of the speaker in this 38 Zephyr? it has pins that plug into

the speaker - it is an old style powered speaker, but I am wondering if its a replacement

or if it is original? the Philco cord appears original, but just not sure if the plug in connectors

are correct. Anyone with knowledge of the original set up on your car? Jake Fleming

and I are interested to know... Thanks Jim jim.zephyr@gmail.com


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Thanks flatcat for taking the time to post photos, looks like an original powered speaker. Does it appear to be only two

wires going to speaker? Mine has a fused power line going to "powered magnet" which then backtracks to power the radio itself, seems original as it is built into the weaved cord...not sure why I am so obsessed with originality but I am - fascinates me to understand how it was done back in the day and the challenge of making it operate however inferior it may be to a regular magnet speaker.

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