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Door body lines


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Im fitting my door skins in prep for prime and paint. I have the door hung nicely and the body lines at the door edge looks good. I have two questions though.

1) whats a good spacing for the door gap? Im about 1/4 inch right now

2) the top of the door skin seems to sag into the door, not level like near the rear window. Here is a pic, can someone confirm what this body line should look like. Should this area be level with the ground or is my line correct?? I still need to remove the door stainless trim, but have to drill out the screws, I cant get them out.


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Hey Chris sorry I'm don't have the experience to answer your question… but I'm not sure that this pic captured the details of the door you described.

If I read it right, u need direction on the alignment of the door skin to get the upper stainless trim on the door to line up with the stainless trim on the quarter panel? In the pic I only see the quarter window trim but not the door trim. I see a small triangle at the bottom left of the pic. Is that the door trim?

If u can, post another pic of the same angle but about 12" towards the mirror WITH the door closed. Then maybe we can see how far off it actually is?

If u need a reference pic of another car I can post one if you'd like.…let me know


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I added some graphic to the pic. If you look along the line in the oval the edge seems to taper toward the front. Should it be level with the ground or is this line correct??

edit: I think its right because of the shape of the fender, just not 100% since the rear is almost level


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It's like that on my Rivs both on the door and the quarter. Doesn't seem like a good idea for water dispersement, though. The one I am working on rusted out under the very front edge of that on the driver side. Maybe because the doors have removeable skins they are somewhat inconsistent? Maybe one of the 'pros' will chime in here.


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