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Free Porsches with Trial/partial Restoration agreement

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Free Porsches with Trial/partial Restoration agreement. We can restore for you a Classic Porsche car that is fun to drive, iconic and can make you money rather than depreciate!

Early air cooled Porsches never cease to amaze us with incredible engineering and simplicity by the master of doing more with less, Ferdinand.

When you look at some of these cars you probably wish that they were a little nicer, we

do to, and can bring them back to your requested level of completion. Our details in the finish can bring back that New, better than New, as New (concourse) or just a upper level driver.

We specialize in all phases of Porsche restoration and find many hobbyist and builders find it hard to get started with the metal repair, welding, changing floors, suspension pans, rockers, etc. We do that and have 25 years experience with the

same old Porsche cars so attention to detail is paramount. Although we sometimes work on newer ones our specialty are with the earliest 550, 356's, 911 swb, 912's 914''s and up to 1989 models of the 911.

The fine print:

These cars are available with a minimum restoration agreement of the amount listed. Each restoration job is a little different, we offer pre-consulting for early Porsche projects. This amount may or may not finish the car but is a minimum we would need in work so that we could give to you for Free. From there you can take it or choose to take it or let us continue on with other parts or to be completely restored. Then you can decide if you would like us to finish, or you are ready to complete yourself.

Examples can be seen at

Many of these following cars are showing incredible growth, WSJ claims early Porsches are up 77% in the last 3 years.

(This is a partial list in order of photos, other 356's, 914's, 912's avail with agreement).

71 911T Targa with engine *$28,000, **$70

61 356B -S Reutter coupe *$20 , **$79

58 356A *$20, **$89

71 911E solid chassis *$20, **$120

62 356B *$32,000, **$77

68 911L Targa, one of 309 *$28, **$95

68 911T Euro, Italy, white lens, Earth Olive, original engine, extensive metal

restoration *$48, **$84

(in thousands)

*: restoration agreement amount,

**: todays market restored approx value

ArtCar Inc. West Palm Beach Fl, 33405; veiwing by appointment 561-301-2369

examples of our work can be seen at:







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